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A great sense of relief

Posted on 28th Feb, 2013

27 July 2011
“Since I have had my operation on my nose, I have noticed a great sense of relief in the nasal passages of the nose. My operation consisted of a mini-FESS to clean the sinus areas around the eyes and cheekbones which were causing a considerable amount of distress especially during times when I contracted influenza or the common cold. The nasal valves were straightened on the left side of my nose, enabling easier breathing through this part of the organ, and plus a small titanium plate was inserted between two layers of cartilage in the nose, again to enable a better breathing pattern – a plus was that it ensures that the nasal valves remain open for life. I was more than delighted at the outcome of this operation and would recommend this to anyone who has problems with either breathing difficulties and/or sinus problems which may be caused by blockage occurring in the nose”
TM, Chafford Hundred, Essex, Nasal Surgery