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I can’t sing your praises enough

Posted on 28th Feb, 2013

1 February 2010
“It is now nearly six months since you placed my breath-implant for me. I thought you may like to know how my nose and I have been getting along. Although I had pain after the surgery, I did not need any pain relief thereafter. The bruising was minimal, and I was back at work seven days later. Subsequent to the intranasal packs dissolving, I could breathe through both nostrils straight away. It was wonderful. I flew to South Africa for a holiday, and I took along a big box of Sinutab, as I would always suffer with terrible sinus headaches when I flew. I am delighted to report, that I didn’t even open the box! Also, despite the very cold winter and major use of the central heating, I have had no sinus problems at all since the implant was placed.

“After being told, by several surgeons, that there was little they could do to provide a permanent solution to my problem, I am over the moon with my result… I have no hesitation in recommending this fantastic, and simple technique, and I can’t sing your praises enough.

“Please feel free to give my details to other sufferers so that I can tell, and show them, what a difference this has made to my life.”
CW, Hutton, Essex, Breathe-Implant Insertion