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I was struggling to breathe properly

Posted on 28th Feb, 2013

5 December 2011
“As promised, I am writing something you may want to use on your website and, if not, may be of use to other patients. For the last two years I have been struggling to breathe properly and have been continually using over-the-counter decongestant sprays. Mr Fayad was so thorough and talked me through my scan results. I had a deviated septum, narrow nasal valve and nasal polyps. I had my operation and my polyps were removed and I had a titanium implant placed to open up my airways. I started to be able to breathe a little through my nose within the first two to three days; but the big turning point came when I returned to see Mr Fayad after the operation and he cleared out my nose and, it was like a bonus day for me, suddenly, I could breathe better than I have done for the last two years. I have resumed spin classes and the gym and I feel wonderful in just over a week. What was the worst part? Worrying about things which never happened. What was the best part? Meeting Mr Fayad and his caring secretary, Sheila, whom I cannot say enough good things about”
GM, Hockley, Essex, Septoplasty