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Protruding ears can often have a damaging impact on self-esteem and a relatively straightforward operation, called a pinnaplasty, also known as ear correction surgery or prominent ear correction, can reshape the ears and give a massive boost to a patient’s confidence.

Often this procedure is performed on children to avoid any insecurities in their earlier years,  but many adults also opt for this procedure to improve their self-confidence.

What is a pinnaplasty?

A pinnaplasty is a permanent way to pin back the ears. The operation is usually done as  day case and can be performed either under general or local anaesthetic – Mr Fayad will discuss the different options during the consultation.

Usually taking about one to two hours, Mr Fayad will make a small cut on the back of each ear to expose the cartilage. This will then be reshaped to allow the ears to lie closer to your head. There are sometimes small variations to this procedure, which include removing some of the cartilage or using stitches to hold the new shape.

Mr Fayad and his team will then stitch up the incisions and a bandage which covers both ears will be placed around the patient’s head; this protects the ears and also ensures that they stay in the new position during the healing process. Patients may need to wear this bandage for up to a week.

What about the recovery process?

Once patients have recovered from the anaesthetic, they are able to return home. Painkillers should deal with any discomfort and Mr Fayad will provide all the relevant advice for caring for the ears.

Depending on whether the stitches are dissolvable or not, patients may have to return to have stitches removed about a week after surgery. Once the stitches and bandage have been removed, patients should be able to return to work, and any strenuous activities can be resumed after six weeks.

What are the possible side effects and complications?

All surgery carries a risk, although a pinnaplasty is a relatively safe procedure. There can be soreness, swelling and some bruising around the ears immediately post-procedure, and maybe some numbness which should fade within a couple of weeks. Any scarring behind the ears is minimal and should fade with time.

Sometimes the ears might not look identical and patients may wish to have further surgery to correct this. Also if the ears do not hold their position, a secondary procedure may be required.

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