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Sinus Headaches

A sinus headache is where there is increased pressure in the sinuses, the small air pockets in the bones of the face. It presents as a deep pain and feeling of fullness in the cheekbones, forehead or the bridge of the nose. Often it can be confused with a migraine or a tension headache, therefore Mr Fayad will first determine whether the problem is  sinus related.

What causes them?

Sinus headaches can be a result of sinusitis which is an inflammation of the sinuses – click here for more information.

Allergies do not cause sinus headaches, but it can cause sinus congestion which leads to a headache pain.

What are your treatment options?

Usually a sinus headache is treated by first relieving the symptoms and, secondly, by treating the infection, which can include antibiotics and/or antihistamines.

If it is an allergy which is causing the problem, then preventative allergy therapy is often needed. However, that would not relieve the headache pain, and therefore the headache would also need to be treated.

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