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Benign Laryngeal Conditions

Benign Lesions

This can include nodules on the cords, which are sometimes known as singer’s nodes. These are like calluses on the vocal cords that are due to voice overuse. This can be treated with voice therapy and, for some cases, it might be necessary to have surgery to remove the nodules.

Polyps and cysts on the vocal cords are also common and will usually need to be removed with microsurgery. The human papilloma virus (HPV) can also cause lesions on the vocal cords.

Voice Misuse and Overuse

Using the voice is a physical act that utilises several muscles so just like straining a muscle after overusing it in the gym, it is possible to misuse or overuse the voice. This leads to fatigue of the voice and hoarseness and can lead to benign vocal cord lesions (see above) or a vocal cord haemorrhage. This is when one of the blood vessels on the surface of the vocal cord bursts and the soft tissues of the cord fill with blood. Absolute rest is the only cure.

Laryngeal Nerve Weakness or Paralysis

Hoarseness or voice difficulties can also be caused by paralysis or weakness of one or both vocal cords. This can be caused by a viral infection of the throat, as a result of surgery or trauma, or from a tumour or growth.

Although many cases recover within several months, some cases of paralysis are permanent and need treatment. Mr Fayad will determine what is the cause of the paralysis and the degree of impairment before deciding whether voice therapy will be effective or whether you’ll need surgical treatment.

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