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Laryngeal Cancer

Chronic or prolonged hoarseness can be a symptom of laryngeal cancer and Mr Fayad’s first step will be to rule it out. Laryngeal cancer is highly curable if caught early enough so it is important to seek medical attention if you have noticed any voice changes.

What is laryngeal cancer?

The larynx is also known as the voice box and is found at the back of the throat. It fulfills some very important functions; it channels oxygen into the windpipe, cuts of the windpipe when eating or drinking and produces the sound of your voice.

Symptoms of laryngeal cancer, which is a relatively uncommon form of cancer, are similar to a wide range of medical problems; they include changes to the voice, a sore throat and pain when swallowing and you should seek medical attention if this symptoms last for a prolonged period. Other symptoms can include ear pain, persistent coughing, bad breath, blood in your saliva and unexplained fatigue or weight loss.

What causes it?

Drinking alcohol and smoking are thought to be the two biggest causes of laryngeal cancer. Other causes are the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is spread through sexual intercourse, occupational exposure and there is some evidence that a diet high in red meats, processed and fried food can increase your chances of developing this form of cancer.

What are your treatment options?

Your treatment options depend on what stage the cancer is detected. For early stage one laryngeal cancer it might be possible to treat with radiotherapy alone, whereas later stage one and stage two will probably need surgery and radiotherapy combined. In stage three and four laryngeal cancer, more extensive surgery will be necessary and, in some cases, the entire larynx may need to be removed. Surgery will be combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Surgery for laryngeal cancer can include laser surgery, endoscopic resection, partial laryngectomy and total laryngectomy.

Mr Fayad will thoroughly explain your treatment programme and any associated complications and side effects at the consultation.

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